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Nat's banality-log

29 September
Nat is...
alan moore, ambiguity, androgynes, androgynous voices, androgyny, anime, anti-sweatshop, autoharp, babylon 5, bi, bicon, boy hair, brian michael bendis, brian molko, british sign language, bryan talbot, bsl, buffy, castles, catatonia, cats, clamshell pdas, coding, comedy, comics, communication, conventions, dark season, david cronenberg, david mcalmont, diversity, doctor who, douglas adams, dr who, drawing, dvorak, dyspraxia, english, equalitarianism, equality, essay writing, ethical consumerism, ethical living, ethics, fandom, farscape, filk, firefly, flash fiction, fluid identity, flute, free-form spelling, ftm, geek, geeks, gender, gender play, gender roles, gender-free, gender-free language, genderqueer, grant morrison, graphic novels, graphics tablets, gynandroids, haskell, hd, historical context, house m.d., humanism, identity, infomania, interactive fiction, irc, irony, java, jonathan creek, joss whedon, jsp, kittens, locked room mysteries, love, mtf, musicals, my so-called life, mythology, neil gaiman, neither, neurodiversity, nice surprises, nokia communicator, non-british english, non-neurotypical, nottingham, other, page 45, page 45 comics, palmtops, pdas with keyboards, philip k dick, placebo, plural, press gang, programming, queer, radio drama, radio plays, reading, real geek jobs, regional accents, regional variations, research, satire, sci-fi, science fiction, self-definition, self-taught, serenity, short fiction, short stories, sign language, skiffy, skin, skunk anansie, spaced, speculative fiction, stargate, stewart lee, symbian, tablet pcs, terry pratchett, the tomorrow people, the west wing, third option, tomorrow people, torchwood, trannyboys, trans, transgender, unusual voices, urban legends, urban myths, vegan, vegan junk food, veganism, vegetarianism, warren ellis, wikipedia, working memory,