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Gratuitous costume post

It's halloween! But this is Britain so literally no one I've talked to all day is doing anything at all to mark it (other than pretending they're not in and refusing to answer the door).

Luckily, I have two good homemade costumes saved up for a virtual halloween party :)

Yes, I know I've posted these before, but it's time for gratuitous costume post 2007!

Both of these were made in under a week (including planning) while I was working a full time job.

IRN-BRU canThe giant can of IRN-BRU costume was created for a costume party in Glasgow with a Scottish theme. I wanted to truly represent Scotland and what does this better than the amber nectar, made in Scotland, from girders?

The costume is constructed from two £2 shop roman blinds, two £1 pound shop collapsible (read 'cheap') hula hoops, some white and metallic orange fabric paint (which cost more than all other materials put together), a black fabric pen, a red marker pen, a cheap pound shop sewing kit, some Amazon marketplace cardboard packaging, three packs of nappy (diaper) pins, and an entire roll of silver gaffer (duct) tape.

All logos were drawn by hand. My dyspraxic arms won't let me draw a long straight line using a ruler, however I can iteratively scribble a passable straight line using a black marker, especially if I can paint over it if I go wrong. I had a lot of trouble sewing the orange panels on and illusiveash  helped for half of one panel. Credit also goes to barakta  for pinning me in and providing last minute design assistance when my gaffer tape ran out too soon.

The pompoms are supposed to be the drink fizzing out. I bought them for £1.50 from ASDA because they were so perfect.

Ring pull hat Fine young cannibal Side view Curtsey Getting drunk

The entire making of gallery is here.

HAL 9000The HAL 9000 costume was created for the Heroes and Villains of the Silver Screen ball. Having enjoyed being an inanimate object at the previous party, the idea of being the most sinister inanimate film character of all really appealed.

The costume is constructed from black foam board, the transparent plastic packaging from a 99p shop Mickey Mouse 'push light', some Revell silver and metallic black model paint, some WireForm aluminium 1.58mm contour mesh painted metallic black, some epoxy resin (which attaches everything on the front but failed to hold the sides on), some trusty silver and later black gaffer tape, a Duracell LED forehead torch (which luckily had a separately switched central red LED) mostly covered in black insulating tape, a piece of foam to protect the ridge of my nose, a pair of black tights around my neck and over my head, a colour laser printed logo (colours adjusted to be more readable when not lit by Stanley Kubrick) stuck on with glue stick, a pair of thin tight one size fits all ladies black gloves, and a cut up sponge used to keep the whole thing sitting straight on my shoulders.

Not one straight line on this costume is actually straight, some are extremely wonky or became bowed while I was gluing them on. If you take into account that I can't reliably draw a straight line with a pencil and ruler, now imagine this with a craft knife and 1.5cm thick foam board...

I spent absolutely ages perfecting the voice and memorising all the lines. Unfortunately I found that in practice, one is not awfully audible when at a party with a mask completely obscuring all lip patterns. If I ever reprise this costume at a sci-fi convention, I think I'll bring a small programmable scrolling LED (red, of course) display with me to close caption everything I say. I'm sure my deaf friends would be appreciative.

Sitting Close up Side view My mind is going No head Nat of borg Bright eye

The entire making of gallery is here.

Lots more larger photos of both costumes can be found here.


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Nov. 1st, 2007 01:44 am (UTC)
i still like the irn bru costume best
Nov. 1st, 2007 02:39 pm (UTC)
Combine the two!

Nov. 2nd, 2007 09:54 am (UTC)
You are a fancy dress god. The Irn-Bru one was INCREDIBLE.
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