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NaArMaMo 2006 Gallery

On the suggestion of naarmamo, I've produced a gallery of all the art produced this month. In doing so I've gone back and read every naarmamo day thread and every comment on all my posts there and here. This has left me feeling all warm and fuzzy :) I've also rediscovered lots of other people's art from during the month which I'd forgotten about. Absolutely everyone who's contributed in any way is brilliant. I think naarmamo is now a stunning piece of art all in itself -- LJ community as collage!

Entry links lead to the journal entry for the post with full description. Thread links lead to my comment on the relevant day post on the naart community, an asterisk indicates that there are comments from other naartists in reply, forming a thread. All art with bigger versions is a borderless link leading to the big version. I've added big versions for the first three graphics tablet drawings which were posted before I'd worked out my standard way of doing things.

Day 1 entry thread
[Marcie and paddle]

Day 2 entry thread*
[Hand sketch]

Day 3 entry thread*
[A bruised foot surrounded by purple, pink and blue]

Day 4 entry thread*
[9300i sketch]

Day 5 entry thread*
[IRN-BRU cannibal]

Day 6 entry thread
[NaArMaMo Day 6]

Day 7 entry thread
[NaArMaMo Day 7]

Day 8 entry thread*
[NaArMaMo Day 8]

Day 9 entry thread
[NaArMaMo Day 9]

Day 10 entry thread*
[NaArMaMo Day 10]

Day 11 entry thread*
[NaArMaMo Day 11]

Day 12 entry thread*
[Pencil sketch of my flute]

Day 13 entry thread*
[Hair figure]

Day 14 entry thread*
[Androgyne, shoulders up]

Day 15 entry thread*
[It's A Baby!]

Day 16 entry thread*
[To Wee or Not To Wee] [To Wee or Not To Wee, icon]

Day 17 entry thread*

Day 18 entry thread*
[Sweaty Santa]

Day 19 entry thread*
[Tranny Cows, The Revenge!]

Day 20 entry thread*
[The white rabbit]

Day 21 entry thread*
[Interests collage]

Day 22 entry thread*
[Random robot]

Day 23 entry thread
[Third gender toilet sign 1] [Third gender toilet sign 2] [Third gender toilet sign icon]

Day 24 entry thread*
[Too Tired for Art]

Day 25 entry thread*
[Wheeled Robot] [Wheeled Robot]

Day 26 entry thread
[The Towering In-Furby!]

Day 27 entry thread
[30 minute alphabet]

Day 28 entry thread
[Androgyne holding flute]

Day 29 entry thread*
[30 minute alphabet]

Day 30 entry thread*
[NaArMaMo 2006 Collage]

Day 31 entry thread*
[NaArMaMo 2006 YOU WIN AT LIFE!!!1 _Official_]

So, is there any improvement in my art skill throughout the month? ...none that I can see! I note that at the start of the month I was doing mostly graphics tablet drawings and photograph posts, in the middle of the month I was doing more of a mixture of tablet and pencil and paper and at the end of the month I was creating more hugely time consuming or complex art which actually probably looks worse than the simple stuff (apart from the day 30 collage, I love that one). One thing that has improved though -- I think I'm much better at image manipulation especially use of gamma correction, balance and contrast, freehand select, layers, clone etc. This is more of a skill than an ability and therefore can actually get better with practice. My art, however, still looks identical to what I was doing when I was eleven (when everyone thought I was amazing), and what I was doing when I was 16 (when I had to work stupidly hard to scrape a C in GCSE art).

The main thing this has shown me is that even when I feel uninspired or too tired to do anything, I can produce a piece of art to the same standard that I'd produce if I was feeling super inspired, creative and wide awake and raring to go. Worth noting!

I think from now on I'm going to try to do at least one piece of art a week, mixed in with at least one night playing the flute and, if I can work out the technology, posting a BSL video blog. I am officially inspired and motivated!

Update: Gallery with comments now also on my LJ Scrapbook.


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